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Hundreds of happy customers are using a PC Quilter in their home studio or as a professional business.

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Head Office
 Quilting Technologies
 521 Pinecrest Dr.
Port Townsend
WA 98368

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Affordable Computerized Quilting Solutions Since 2001


March 2001

PC Quilter concept conceived

August 2001

Quilting Technologies formed

August 2001

First PC Quilter demonstrated

October 2001

First show for PC Quilter in Houston

September 2002

Mid-arm PC Quilter available.

August 2003

Introduce Max Throat in Nashville

August 2004

Patent received from US Patent Office for Max Throat and PCQ/Max Throat

October 2004

Graphical user interface QT-Menu added to PC Quilter

November 2004

Pro and Studio models for mid-arms and long-arms available

October 2007

Side Mounted PC Quilter for up to 24 inch short-arm, mid-arm, and long-arms which allows quick change-over from free-motion to automated PC Quilter quilting

October 2007

First color touch screen PC Quilter Remote Control (non-wireless)

May 2008

Quilting Technologies offers an Electronic Switching Device (ESD) to turn your sewing machine off and on and control the speed.


Read about our new Side Mounted PCQ for mid-arms and long-arms on this website -see "about PCQ"


Contact Sales
 (360) 554-0418 sales@pcquilter.com



Having virtually every customer being happy is our goal.







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