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Hundreds of happy customers are using a PC Quilter in their home studio or as a professional business.

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Affordable Computerized Quilting Solutions Since 2001


The PC Quilter, aka PCQ, is a friendly robot that you use in conjunction with your quilting frame to produce beautiful, detailed, accurate designs on your quilts. More than 3000 patterns are available. There are two types of PC Quilters. They both do the same amazing quilting – the difference is how the PC Quilter physically works with your sewing machine or long-arm sewing head.

Standard PC Quilter

We will start by describing the standard PC Quilter. It is a carriage similar to the carriages that come with quilt frames. The way you use your quilt frame, if you have not purchased a PC Quilter, is to put your sewing machine on a “carriage”. That allows you to move it right and left and backward and forward. Engineers call this an ‘x/y carriage’ if that helps. So that is how you would do free motion quilting on a quilting frame such as HandiQuilter and Hinterberg and Grace and many others. The PC Quilter is of very high quality – engineers who are customers have been amazed at the quality of the PC Quilter for such a reasonable price. It is designed to run for 10 – 20 years of home use with minor adjustments and repairs (if any).

When you buy the standard PC Quilter, it replaces your quilting frame free-motion carriage. The PC Quilter is a carriage with motors and electronics and other things inside. You set your sewing Machine on top of the PC Quilter. You then connect the PC Quilter to your computer in one of several common ways such as USB. The PC Quilter includes software which you install on your PC. Using that software, you can digitize your own patterns.

There is also 3rd party software for digitizing. You can also purchase patterns from several sources at very reasonable prices. When you run the PC Quilter  software on your PC, it takes your quilting pattern and moves the PC Quilter carriage to sew that pattern. There is no restriction on what a pattern can be – it can be very detailed or quite simple. A good example of something very detailed is a grape vine with leaves. The little serrations on the grape leaves with be sewn accurate to less than 1/100 of an inch. It is beautiful!

You do not need a fancy or expensive sewing machine. An $800 very good quality 9 inch throat sewing machine works perfectly.

Side Mounted PC Quilter

We just discussed how the standard PC Quilter works. There is another choice. We make a Side Mounted PC Quilter that quickly attaches to the side of your existing quilt frame free-motion carriage (we provide a couple of small parts which you attach to your existing carriage. You leave your sewing machine on your existing free-motion carriage. The Side Mounted PC Quilter  just moves your free-motion carriage around to sew the pattern you have requested. Because the Side Mounted PC Quilter  can be quickly attached and re-attached to your free-motion carriage, you can change from free motion quilting to PC Quilter quilting in less than 10 seconds.

When free motion quilting, the PC Quilter-SM will be shoved to the far left end of the frame. Your sewing machine will be on your carriage. You will be moving your carriage around by yourself sewing your pattern free-motion.

When you want to do PC Quilter quilting, you roll the PC Quilter-SM up to your carriage or visa versa and when you snuggle it up close, it "docks" with a loud click (keep fingers out of the way!). You then use your PC to run PC Quilter  software and the PC Quilter-SM moves your  carriage around to sew the pattern (with your sewing machine on top of the carriage sewing away).

To undock them, such as to go back to free-motion quilting, you use a provided "undocking stick" to snap them apart and roll the PC Quilter-SM way off to the left (or let it stay right where it is and get in the way).


PCQ SM detached from
free-motion carriage setting.


PCQ SM attached to free motion carriage-
computerized setting.

PCQ SM Left rear view - controls, pause switch and connectors.
PCQ SM attached to Hinterberg free motion carriage-
computerized setting.
PCQ SM Hinterberg Frame Version -
view from under side with Hinterberg wheels.
PCQ SM Hinterberg Frame Version -
view from top side with Hinterberg wheels.


PCQ SM attached
to HQ Sixteen

PCQ SM attached
to HQ Sixteen


For detailed information select from the menu options on the left.



Read about our new Side Mounted PCQ for mid-arms and long-arms on this website -see "about PCQ"


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 (360) 554-0418 sales@pcquilter.com



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