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Hundreds of happy customers are using a PC Quilter in their home studio or as a professional business.

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Head Office
 Quilting Technologies
 521 Pinecrest Dr.
Port Townsend
WA 98368

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Affordable Computerized Quilting Solutions Since 2001


PC Quilter uses pattern files in TXT format. We provide a few free patterns and list other third party pattern sources, ready to use.

Original Designs in PC Quilter Format


Quilts Complete has wonderful digital patterns for the PC Quilter from designers that you can trust. Quilts Complete is an established dealer that has been trusted for years with their large selection of paper patterns, and their excellent customer service. Now the selection is growing more with their digital patterns. Downloads are instant and they excepts all major credit cards.


ANNE BRIGHT - SIMPLY CONTINUOUS QUILTING Famous for her whimsical free-motion patterns, Anne has several great PC Quilter patterns and is adding more on a regular basis. There is also a free Quilt of Valor pattern. 


QUILTER'S NICHE - GEORGETTE DELL'ORCO The newest PC Quilter pattern website - featuring original quilt patterns, quilting designs to embellish your projects, and some free patterns. New patterns are posted on a regular basis.


DESIGNS BY VICKIE "Your site for patterns that run carefree!" offers hundreds of designs (Edge to Edge, Blocks, Borders and more) for the PC Quilter 


Intelligent Quilting carries patterns in PC Quilter and all other formats. With a combination of new and well-established designers, Intelligent Quilting carries a diverse catalog of designs from whimsical to modernist/techie designs and everything in between, including all of the traditional patterns. Shop anytime, 24/7. Downloads are automatic upon PayPal payment.


A comprehensive site for PC Quilter Patterns. Over 1300 designs in over 430 pattern sets available in PC Quilter format (already digitized). Designs range from traditional to modern. Many themes and categories to choose from. Designs are available for download within a few minutes of ordering. A subscription service is also available. There are several free patterns here including a special salute to firemen. New patterns are posted monthly.

Free Patterns

The following patterns are mostly to demonstrate the capabilities of the PC Quilter and for learning purposes. Free patterns are also available from www.quiltrecipes.com and from the Yahoo users group (PCQ).

To download patterns from this site, right-click the filename and select "Save As...".


Art Deco Tulip




Diagonal Right

Many Circles



Snow Flake



Read about our new Side Mounted PCQ for mid-arms and long-arms on this website -see "about PCQ"


Contact Sales
 (360) 554-0418 sales@pcquilter.com



"Make Pattern" is a powerful digitizer - included in our software.







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