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Hundreds of happy customers are using a PC Quilter in their home studio or as a professional business.

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Using Your long-arm or Other Large Sewing Head with the PC QUILTER



The Side Mount PC Quilter (SM) is recommended for all long arm systems. The SM is also recommended for mid arm systems. You will need to purchase 4 wheels from the manufacturer of your machine as our generic wheels may not work with your tracks. The exceptions to this are the HQ16 PPF frame, the Hinterberg Stretch frame, and the Tin Lizzie frame. The generic wheels work on the HQ16. We have the wheel adapters for the Hinterberg Stretch and the Tin Lizzie frame. Please specify which machine and frame you are using so that we can send you the correct wheel mounting parts. You will need to mount some docking parts on your upper and lower carriages. We supply those docking parts as a part of the SM purchase. You will also need to wire a connector into the handle switch wiring on your rear handles. On some of the mid arms, the interface can be hooked into the control box. This is to interface between the Side Mount and your machine to turn it on when the SM starts moving. The necessary parts are provided with the SM.

The SM has 24 inches of travel. The SM can handle the heavier machines as they do not sit on top of it as in the case of the standard PC Quilter. The SM disconnects from the machine carriage to allow quick and easy transition from computerized to free motion. The disconnect process takes approximately 15 seconds at the most.

If you have questions or concerns about your specific machine or frame, please contact sales at sales@pcquilter.com or (360) 554-0418 (continental US) or 360-554-8038 (outside the continental US). 


List of Long Arms which work successfully with PC Quilter

Gammill  www.gammill.com

APQS  www.apqs.com

Nolting www.nolting.com

    and many others..

List of Mid Arms which work successfully with PC Quilter

HQ16 16" www.handiquilter.com

Voyager 17" www.hinterberg.com/sewingmachine.htm

WOW 16" - 20" models www.wowquilts.com

Bailey's Home Quilter 13" - 15" www.baileyssewingcenter.com

Homesteader 17" - 19" www.thequiltingsolution.com

B-Line www.tobequilting.com

Innova http://maimin.com/Innova.aspx

Tin Lizzie http://tinlizzie2.homestead.com/


and many others...

These are some considerations

Our carriages are about 5.25 high so your payout and take-up rollers need to be adjustable enough to accommodate your sewing head sitting on carriages that high.

You will have to physically move the machine from the standard PC Quilter to the free motion carriage that came with your frame.

You may need to add two rails for the PC Quilter - wheels are designed to roll on an vertical edge 1/8 inch thick and APPROXIMATELY 19 and 1/8 inch apart (do not add rails until PC Quilter is in your possession and make sure they are perfectly parallel. In some cases, if your rails are similar, you can mount a bracket we sell to make the PC Quilter wheels be spaced up to about 4 inches closer together however that is not necessarily ideal. You can also space them out further by about one inch with the same bracket. We also have a slightly different bracket that can allow you to space them out 2" (approximately 21" wheel/track spacing) Also, if your existing rails are similar to what our wheels need, you can use one of them and just add one more for a total of three rails on your table.

You may need to modify the frame in minor ways in addition to what is mentioned above - including removing wheels from the base of your sewing machine or placing it on top of a slotted piece of plywood, pad or piece of carpet to keep it stable on the top of our carriage.

The sewing head must sew below 20 stitches per second - down to 5 stitches per second or less is ideal. That is because the maximum speed we move the sewing head is currently about 2 inch per second but most people have it move at more like .5 to 1 inch per second because they are sewing intricate patterns and there is better accuracy at slower speeds.

Be aware that increased speed usually means loss of detail, so if you must run your sewing machine at higher speeds on the PC Quilter, you may find that small detail is distorted. The higher speeds are generally only suitable for large, flowing-type patterns. This is strictly because of the momentum created by moving a machine then rapidly switching directions.

 If your sewing head weighs more than 35 lbs or is large (like a HQ 16), you need the Studio model. The maximum recommended weight is 75 lbs.

 You will need to connect a 12V DC single pole single throw relay to whatever switch or circuit activates your sewing head if it does not have a foot control and connect that relay to our electronics so that our software can turn your sewing head on/off . If the AC power needs to be turned on/off instead of a low voltage/current control circuit, we can provide the electronics to do that (solid state relay with large amperage capacity). We have solid state relays available.

Be aware that the maximum front to back motion of the PC Quilter Studio and Super-sized model carriages is 15 inches only.



Read about our new Side Mounted PCQ for mid-arms and long-arms on this website -see "about PCQ"


Contact Sales
 (360) 554-0418 sales@pcquilter.com



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