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Blank button, company name, page title and box top graphics are included. These are found in the Images folder. Import the needed blank tab graphics into your graphics program (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Image Composer, etc.). If the program allows, place them in layers, making an additional layer for the words. Display each layer of the graphics, one at a time, plus the word layer, save the newly modified images as .gifs, and export into the template.

OR use the Fireworks editable .png files found in the PNGs folder. If you do not have Fireworks, a free trial copy is available from Macromedia. With the .png files the colors of the images can be easily changed. 

Tip: Give the new .gifs the same file names as the originals in the template, letting them override the original graphics in the images folder. This way they will automatically fall into place in the template. After the new graphics are in the images folder, rename the files to make more sense for your site.

The font used on the company name and box top images was Anastasia. A slight drop shadow was added. There is room on each button for two rows of words. The font used on the page title images was Tahoma with a drop shadow applied.

We are also available to modify the graphics for a nominal fee. Please contact us for details.

Coordinating bullet graphics are provided.

An optional Swish movie is included on the Home page. Swish 2.01 or higher is needed to modify the movie.

Include Files

Note that some elements that occur on all pages of this site exist as include pages. You can find these include pages in the "includes" folder of this web. 

The include pages are inserted into the main pages in order to allow you to make global changes to your site or change many pages at the same time. To do this you must right click on the area you would like to edit. If it is indeed an include page you will see something like this in the pop up menu:

Open file: c:\ location and name of include page

Or - you can open the include pages via folders view. Once the file is open - make the necessary changes and save them. All pages utilizing the include page should update upon saving.

The include pages used in this template are the header (without the movie), left column, and product menu found on the Products page.

Changing Button Names 

The names that appear on navigation bar buttons are dynamically generated by FrontPage based upon the names that appear on the page icons in the Navigation View flow chart. You can change the names to suit your needs provided the names are brief enough to fit on the button graphics.

To change the names on navigation buttons:

Switch to FrontPage Navigation View.
Right click on the page icon that represents the link you wish to change.
Type a new name.
Right click in the blue area, and selecting "Apply Changes."

Adding Pages

It's easy to create new pages and add them to the navigation bars. You can expand the navigation bars to accommodate as many pages as you need.

To Add a Page to the Nav Bars:

In navigation view, select and open a page that exists on the same level of the chart as the page you wish to add.
Save it as a new page.
Drag it onto the Navigation View flow chart.
In the Navigation View, rename the page to suit your needs.
Customize the content and save.

Deleting Pages

You can delete a page from your navigation bar without deleting it from your web by clicking on the page to highlight it in the Navigation View, pressing the "delete" button, and selecting "Remove this page from all navigation bars." To delete the page entirely, select that option instead.

Cascading Style Sheets

In folders view, double-click on organized.css. This will open the CSS page. The code governing the links in the header and in the body will be found there. controls the navigation bar at the top of the page under the tabs. 
controls the navigation bar in the left column. 
a:link controls the body links.

To change the color of the links - simply make changes to the html color coding such as #ffffff or #336699. Find the HTML color code for the color of your choice and insert the number in place of the existing one.

If you should have trouble opening the style sheet or making changes in FrontPage, you can open it in Notepad, make changes, and save to your web folder.

For more information on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) consult the following online resources:

Webmonkey: Stylesheet Guide

Webreference: CSS


If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at



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