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Hundreds of happy customers are using a PC Quilter in their home studio or as a professional business.

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Head Office
 Quilting Technologies
 521 Pinecrest Dr.
Port Townsend
WA 98368

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Affordable Computerized Quilting Solutions Since 2001


  XP and Vista

  6 MB of disc space

  Pentium 2 or better IBM PC compatible

  256 KB of RAM

  PC Quilter Models F, SF and SM will also work with serial or USB ports (minimum of 2)

Uses your existing IBM compatible PC to control movement of the PC Quilter/Side Mount and the operation of your sewing machine. Sewing is accurate to almost one hundredth of an inch! For all new PC Quilters, we recommend using the USB to Serial connectivity (the converter is supplied with all new purchases). Older PC Quilters (version 2 and 3) must use parallel port connectivity. Contact technical support at support@pcquilter.com or 1-360-554-0418 with any question or concerns about your particular computer.


Read about our new Side Mounted PCQ for mid-arms and long-arms on this website -see "about PCQ"


Contact Sales
 (360) 554-0418 sales@pcquilter.com



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